Full Endowments

Full endowments require a one-time contribution of $10,000 or alternate financial commitments spread over five or ten years. The principal of the endowment remains intact and a $500 scholarship or grant is awarded annually bearing the name of the endowment. Several endowments exceed the $10,000 mark. In those cases, additional awards of $250 for every additional $5,000 in the endowment are awarded annually.

Platinum Donors

$50,000 or more in one year (* denotes donations in multiple years)

  • Ann Windle Staff Scholarship
  • Jordan Blake Miller Memorial Art Scholarship*
  • HawkEye Readers Endowment

“We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give.” ―Winston S. Churchill

Crystal Donors

$20,000 or more in one year

  • Adam James King Memorial Scholarship
  • Balfour Beatty Grant-to-Teachers*
  • Coach Jim Bateman Scholarship
  • CoServ Teacher Assistance Grant*
  • Doug Key Memorial Endowment
  • John Jacob “Jake” Holley Memorial Scholarship
  • Norm Sisk Staff Scholarship
  • Richard de Cordova Scholarship
  • Robert Colon McSween Memorial Endowment
  • Sawko & Burroughs Administrative Support Endowment*
  • Sawko & Burroughs Student Scholarship Endowment*
  • Sawko & Burroughs Student Social Services Endowment and Support Our Schools Special Contribution*
  • The Bert and Pris Lyle Women’s Track and Field Scholarship
  • Vern Lane Scholarship
  • Willard Feucht Memorial Scholarship

Gold Donors

$10,000 or more in one year

  • Aaron Don Grooms Memorial Scholarship
  • Alice Smith Memorial Grant-to-Teachers
  • Ann Windle Theatre Arts Scholarship
  • Burlage Family Scholarship
  • Balfour Beatty Grant-to-Teachers*
  • Barbara Fischer Grant-to-Teachers
  • Ben E. Keith / LaGrone Grant-to-Teachers
  • Bill Utter Endowment
  • C.H. and G. Esta Collins Student Scholarship
  • Cecile Johnson Student Scholarship
  • Coach Bill Carrico Student Scholarship
  • CoServ Teacher Assistance Grants*
  • DATCU Credit Union Grant-to-Teachers
  • David Glass Memorial Grant-to-Teachers
  • DHS Class of ’59 Scholarship
  • DHS Class of ’61 Student Scholarship
  • DHS Class of ‘63-Jim Kirkpatrick Scholarship
  • Ed and Mary Jane Lane Scholarship
  • Edwin Owen Fulton Memorial Scholarship
  • First State Bank Grant-to-Teachers
  • Gary Kirchoff Thespian Scholarship
  • Gene and Lynn Gumfory Grant-to-Teachers*
  • Gregory Family Staff Scholarship
  • Groundhog Day Gala Grant-to-Teachers*
  • Groundhog Day Gala Student Scholarships*
  • Guyer Family Endowment
  • Helen B. Miniter Student Scholarships*
  • iteachTEXAS Endowed Staff Scholarship

Gold Donors Continued

$10,000 or more in one year

  • Kerry West Memorial Scholarship
  • Kristoferson Family Grant-to-Teachers
  • Margaret Clarke Special Education Scholarship
  • Mary Lee Christian Memorial Nursing Scholarship
  • McEwen-Deck Foundation Program Grant
  • Mike Gregory Teacher Scholarship
  • Nim Marshall Ashley Memorial Scholarship
  • NORTHSTAR Bank Student Scholarship
  • Peggy Sparks Memorial Staff Scholarship
  • Ray E. Braswell, Sr Grant-to-Teachers
  • Robert Colon McSween Memorial Endowment
  • Ron and Karen Kearns Harper Student Scholarship
  • Ronny Crownover Grant-to-Teachers
  • Sarah Elisabeth Worley Memorial Scholarship
  • Sharon Cox Student Scholarship
  • Sharon Cummings Scholarship
  • Sharon Winn Student Scholarship
  • Shelli Grisham Leach Memorial Scholarship
  • SHW Grant-to-Teachers
  • Sonic of Denton Student Scholarship
  • Sterling Smith Memorial Scholarship
  • Terry Madigan Memorial Scholarship
  • Tom Swenson Memorial Golf Scholarship
  • Troy & Sarah LaGrone Grant-to-Teachers*
  • TDIndustries Grant-to-Teachers
  • The Vance Family Scholarship
  • VLK Architects Grant-to-Teachers
  • Wally Cooper Staff Scholarship
  • Wells Fargo Colleen Briscoe Adopt-a-School Student Scholarship

Term Endowments

Term Endowments provide a grant or scholarship over a five-year period. A minimum pledge of $2,500 is required for a term endowment with an annual $500 award over the course of the term. The endowment may be made in one contribution or over the a period of five years.Many term endowments eventually are converted into full endowments at the donor’s request.

  • Cheryl Phillips Grant-to-Teachers
  • DATCU Credit Union Grants-to-Teachers*
  • Dawn Vaughn Dyslexia Grant-to-Teachers
  • Denton High School Gridiron Club Student Scholarship
  • Dorothy Adkins Grant-to-Teachers
  • Drs. Bobby and David Thomas Grant-to-Teachers
  • Hugh and Bernadette Coleman Grant-to-Teachers
  • iTeachTEXAS Grant-toTeachers
  • Kevin and Emily Roden Early Childhood Grant-to-Teachers
  • StanTec Grant-to-Teachers
  • TDIndustries Grant-to-Teachers
  • VLK Architechs Grant-to-Teachers*
  • Willie and B. Iris Lopez Student Scholarship

Special and Ongoing Contributions

The Foundation serves as a fiscal agent for several organizations that provide annual or regular funding to DISD staff or students.

  • Association of Texas Professional Educators – Denton ISD Chapter, Staff Scholarship
  • Balfour Beatty Special Support Fund
  • Bravo Communications “What’s Your Plan BE?” Scholarships
  • CrossFit 940 Social Services Grant
  • Denton Chamber of Commerce Grants-to-Teachers*
  • Denton Area Retired School Personnel Association
  • Denton Community Council of PTA’s Scholarships
  • Denton High School PTSA Staff Grants and Scholarships
  • Denton Kiwanis Club Student Scholarships and A. O. Calhoun Scholarship
  • Denton Public School Administators Association Staff and Student Scholarships
  • Denton Record-Chronicle Student Scholarship
  • Denton Rotary Club Student Scholarships
  • DISD Counseling Services – Joe Burks Scholarship
  • DISD Health Services Nursing Scholarships
  • DISD School Support
  • GHS Silverado Scholarships
  • Guyer Family Senior Scholarships
  • Lantana Education Foundation*
  • The Miles Foundation
  • Robson Ranch Kiwanis Student Scholarships
  • Ryan High School PTSA and Renaissance Student Scholarships
  • Ryan High School Green Heart Student Scholarships
  • Sawko & Burroughs Support Our Schools Fund
  • Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Denton DISD Staff Wellness Support
  • Todd and Lisa Smith/Dan Ford Student Scholarship
  • Verizon Technology Grant 2014