2019-2020 New Hire Grants

2019-20 DISD New Hire Grants

Please read these instructions carefully and completely to insure the best outcome for your application submission:

Deadline for application submission — Tuesday, August 27, 2019  

Winners will be notified at their schools by the Prize Patrol on Friday September 13, 2019

If you have any change in campus, grade level, etc. that will affect your grant request, or if you leave the district, you must notify the Denton Public School Foundation about the change to determine if your application may still be considered.


Grants to Teachers ($100 to $1,000 for individual classroom/grade level/department projects) are awarded to Denton Independent School District personnel working directly with students (e.g. teachers, counselors, librarians, nurses, etc.).

Grants are awarded for innovative instructional programs that advance new approaches to teaching or enhance educational opportunities. Funds may be used for equipment, materials, honorariums, etc., but not to pay salaries to Denton ISD employees. The project must involve students and staff members throughout a school, division, club or department/grade level within a school. If applying jointly, the New Hire applicant should be designated as the Lead Applicant and the roles of team member(s) will be described in the application.

Each teacher/applicant may submit only one request as the lead applicant but may be included as a co-applicant on another request.

If you are requesting funding for any technology, your request MUST be approved by your Denton ISD campus tech prior to submitting a grant application. They will determine compatibility with district equipment, initiatives, support, etc.

We encourage you to use DISD approved vendors.  To access a list of these vendors, sign in on the DISD website and click on Departments, then Purchasing.  Click on the link for Preferred Vendors and Related Links.  If a vendor is not on the approved list, please contact Jenifer Fuller – jfuller@dentonisd.org – for further instructions. Please note that Amazon will not be recognized by DISD as an approved vendor.

All reviews will be anonymous and confidential. A blind review process will apply during evaluation and selection. To ensure the screening process is fair, do not use any teacher or school names or identifying information (e.g. a school mascot, terms such as “RHS Raiders” or club names like the “DHS Fillies”) on your application. If you fail to follow this guideline, your application may not be considered for funding.

NOTE:  The answer spaces are intentionally limited and will only expand to that limit as you type.  Please be concise in your answers — the quality of an answer is more important than its length.


Please consider these suggestions before you click “Submit”

  • Know your audience – Remember that many reviewers are not educators so acronyms, abbreviations and “education language” will need to be defined and explained.
  • Spellcheck your document – it is a valid expectation that educators will use correct spelling and grammar in their requests for funding!
  • Give detailed and clear explanations for the items you are requesting – don’t assume the reader will always know what these educational tools are.
  • Be sure you answer each question clearly and give tangible, achievable goals.
  • Review – and then review again! Ask 2 or 3 others to read your application for clarity and content before you submit.
  • This is a Google form and will need to be completed in its entirety when submitting the form. It must be completed and submitted in one sitting. It is recommended that you make a copy of the grant application questions by clicking here so that you can record your answers prior to filling out the form. You will not be able to go back and edit your responses once you submit.
  • Did you attend our presentation at Summer Seminar or TIA? Find a copy of the presentation here – DPSF Grant PresentationThanks for what you do for our students every day – and best of luck!


    Please click here for the New Hire Grant Application